rocksMy name is Sharon Marden Johnson. I have worked full time as a massage therapist for over 30 years in central Maine. I love doing massage.  I have a lot of fun doing massage.  Massage is a good thing.  It can be incredibly helpful and healthy in many ways;  it can reduce pain, and it can promote relaxation and a feeling of well being. It’s enjoyable and good for you. How many things can we say that about?

There are many forms of massage,  and many techniques that massage therapists use.  The massage that I do is specific, purposeful Swedish-style massage therapy, using a variety of techniques that I’ve gathered over a couple of decades of experience and coursework.  My aim is to loosen up the deeper layers of muscle tissue and fascia as needed – but in a way that feels soothing and non-invasive.  I promise that I won’t do massage “to” you.  We’ll find out what is comfortable and feels right for you.

my massage handsPlease feel free to give me a call to ask any questions;  I am happy to talk with you about whether massage might be helpful to you:  207-872-7771, * (star) 2 is my extension. Please note that during business hours, you will usually have to leave a message;  I will return your call.  Or email me:  sharonmardenjohnson@gmail.com.